Reincarnation Dilemmas

Brianstalin points out that New Age "gurus", mediums and mesmerists/regressionists are already getting a lot of mileage out of nonsensical fantasy.

It's unfortunate that the truth is ten times more unbelievable than any fantasy we can ever imagine!

The lack of logic found in New Age thought doesn't seem to bother many people.

Perhaps the "expert" opinion does sway people.

Brianstalin suggests the "experts" actually know very little about Metaphysics but a lot about manipulation and mind control.

A harsh assessment, but New Age abundance is really all about marketing strategies, Illuminati-owned media manipulation, selling dreams and watching the cash roll in.

That's a common theme in a dog-eat-dog materialistic world, but this stuff is not packaged as entertainment or fantasy, but as truth.

A bit like Uri Geller sticking magnets on his fingers and pretending he can move compass needles with supernatural mind power.

Geller is actually one of the "experts" that endorse bogus media past life matches!

It's quite a circus.

Brianstalin gets the worst of both worlds - condemned by the experts and ridiculed by the rest.

Brianstalin says this is an expected, but unfortunate part of his job, in a world where the negative principle - the Luciferic Consciousness - dominates.

David Icke seems to fair a lot better, because some experts and insiders validate the Reptilian Conspiracy theory.

Brianstalin hints that even some of this is based on speculation and misunderstanding.

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The New Age Movement is a mixture of black and white.

On the negative side it promotes unsafe acts of lower psychism - past life regression therapies and deep trance channeling.

Media people like Oprah Winfrey, Shirley MacLaine and others promote this madness.

Brianstalin has been trained by Masters to read the Akashic Records accurately. More importantly he is able to pass on this knowledge to others who can experience the Records for themselves and reach their own conclusions.

Brianstalin is concerned with the shoddy and inaccurate information the New Age movement has been putting out through media sources.

The past life readings and theories of certain well-known channelers and hypnotherapists - even Edgar Cayce's information - rarely correspond to the information found in the Akashic Records.

Brianstalin checks his own findings with a number of people who also have the necessary skills to teach others how to access the Akashic Records for themselves.

Needless to say Brianstalin has upset a number of important people who have reputations and incomes tied up in widely promoted theories and speculations.

These people show no concern for truth, but care only about the widespread promotion of their points of view.
To bolster their claims they point out their impressive medical qualifications and the endorsement of their work by very famous and influential people.

None of these people can teach, heal or empower others.

Past life reading remains the most basic psychic skill known to man.

The fact that few people can demonstrate this basic skill and pass it on to others suggests that our psychic centers are being being shut down by clever external programming.

Whenever people try to access higher states of consciousness through New Age teachings they almost always end up connecting to demonic entities of the lower astral realms who pose as ascended masters, extraterrestrials, angels and enlightened beings.

The Kennedy Curse

Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington, born Kathleen Agnes Kennedy, was the second daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Fitzgerald. She was a sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and widow of the heir to the Devonshire dukedom.

She was educated in London at Queen's College. In 1943 she returned to England to work in a center for servicemen set up by the Red Cross. Despite the opposition of her intensely Catholic mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy married William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, a Protestant and the eldest son and heir of the 10th Duke of Devonshire on May 6, 1944. Other than her eldest brother Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., no one from the Kennedy family attended the marriage ceremony. Her husband was killed in action only four months later in World War II.

She later became the mistress of Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam. The couple planned to wed after Fitzwilliam's planned divorce. Instead, while on a trip to visit Joseph Kennedy Sr. to gain his blessing for their relationship, Lord Fitzwilliam and Lady Hartington died in an airplane crash in Saint-Bauzile, Ardèche, France.

Kathleen reincarnated as Talia Balsam.

Balsam was married to actor George Clooney from 1989 to 1993.

George Clooney is the reincarnation of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

It is the residual mental self image of ourselves which survives death that ensures we look similar from lifetime to the next.
On rare occasions we look almost identical to our past life identities and on many occasions the similarities are very subtle and hard to spot.

Clooney and JPK, Jr. don’t look very much alike at first glance.

Despite this fact, can you see any similarities?

If you can they’re quite subtle - perhaps the reading is incorrect - the answer lies in the Akashic Records.

To check this reading you must go there for yourself.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. was the oldest of the nine children born to Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr. and his wife, Rose Elizabeth Kennedy née Fitzgerald. jOlder brother of future President John F. Kennedy, he was expected to bear the family's political hopes.

Clooney, an Irish American, was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His mother, Nina Bruce (née Warren), is a former pageant queen, while his father, Nick, is a journalist, anchorman, game show and American Movie Classics host, and – in later years – an aspiring politician from the state of Kentucky.

JPK, Jr. left Harvard Law before his final year to enlist in the United States Navy as an aviator. He earned his wings in May 1942 and was sent to England in September 1943. He piloted the PB4Y Liberator on anti-submarine and other missions on two tours of duty throughout the winter of 1943-44. Although Kennedy had completed his 25 combat missions and was eligible to return home, he volunteered for an Operation Aphrodite mission in which he died on August 12, 1944.

The Mexican Revolution

Emiliano Zapata Salazar (August 8, 1879–April 10, 1919) was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, which broke out in 1910, and which was initially directed against the president Porfirio Díaz. He formed and commanded an important revolutionary force, the Liberation Army of the South.

He reincarnated as Oliver Reed.

Robert Shaw

Reed appears in the movie Sting II, where he took the part created by Robert Shaw.

General Álvaro Obregón Salido (February 19, 1880 – July 17, 1928) was President of Mexico from 1920 to 1924.

He was assassinated in a restaurant on July 17, 1928 by José de León Toral.

Did he reincarnate as Robert Shaw?

Or was Robert Shaw the reincarnation of German air ace Karl Bolle?

Or was Robert Shaw the reincarnation of an unknown Russian coachman?

The Akashic Records can solve such dilemmas within minutes.

If parallel lives do exist in different dimensions, the Akashic Records pertaining to those particular dimensions can be accessed. Do our parallel lives exist with us on the earth plane? No, not unless time travel and time paradoxes are involved.

Some past life readers have resorted to the theory of parallel lives to support their past life matches when the dates don't fit the way they think they should.

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts" - Albert Einstein


Brianstalin says the Russian incarnation is the only one confirmed in the Akashic Records - this is the only one of the 3 matches in the video where the dates make any sense - since the other 2 died after Shaw was born.

On the surface it looks the least likely - some people believe famous people have always been famous in all their past lives - but that's being a little bit egoistic and elitist about things.

Most ordinary people have actually had stunning past lives that the rich and famous of today would be envious of.

Past lives, however, are not things to cling to like movie roles or prized possessions.
There's always the uncertainty factor that is never overcome until we reach the higher levels of consciousness, anyway.

We can consider our past lives as probabilities and try to understand the lessons they teach us.

Some people would get a lot of mileage out of the idea that all 3 possible matches were parallel lives and discard past lives altogether or try to mix the concepts together.


Most of the biographical data relating to famous living, dead or reincarnated persons was either copied directly from articles found at Wikipedia or slightly modified. It therefore remains free under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Past life readings were supplied by trained expert Brianstalin who has studied with various gifted healers and teachers including the Dalai Lama.

Brianstalin reminds us that although the Akashic Records remains the ultimate source of all knowledge, we must access this source directly in order to determine the truth of what he or anybody else is telling us.

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